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The e-Pit, launch of smart Battery Swap service from e.GO Mobile

German E-mobility manufacturer, Next.e.GO Mobile SE, has launched what they describe as a smart-battery swap solution. The company says it aims to drive lifecycle sustainability in urban mobility.

The company says that potentially customers, who may find themselves needing to deal with an unexpected occasion that requires a trip longer than usual, could utilize this smart in-built feature of their e.GO Life to swap the nearly depleted battery with a fully charged one in a designated e.GO battery swap station – the "e.Pit". They can pick up their original battery – fully charged – at the same station on the way back or later when convenient, however latest within a month. Customers remain the owner of their original battery and always stay connected via their e.GO app using their unique battery ID. The service will be provided to all e.GO customers at no cost for their annual swap quota. The swap procedure takes around 60 minutes faster than full charging at any standard public charging pole. The company is working to reduce further the swap timing towards its goal of nearly 30 minutes in the future.

The first two swap stations in Aachen factory and Zülpich (Pardemann service partner) are fully operational today. The next stops in the program are Düsseldorf and Hamburg, with more in the pipeline.

"At e.GO, we do not consider the Battery Swap just as a smart feature or another business stream. Instead, leveraging technology and innovation is our way of showing utmost gratitude to our customers and e.GO users, who choose to act responsibly, care for the ecological footprint of the BEVs and help drive sustainable urban mobility. Our responsibility is to provide them with comfort", says Ali Vezvaei, Chairman of the Board of Next.e.GO Mobile SE.

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