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VW First OEM with Global Application of "swarm data" for ADAS.

Volkswagen Group is the first original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to apply Mobileye's mapping data to enhance the comfort and safety of ADAS features globally. Mobileye Roadbook™ is a crowd-sourced, cloud-generated database of highly precise, high-definition maps. Swarm data is collected via Mobileye-equipped vehicles globally, and VW is now using that data to enhance the driver experience via Travel Assist 2.5 greatly. For example, where available, lane-keeping assistance will be provided in many areas without visible lane markings. Mobileye's proprietary Road Experience Management technology automatically aggregates and generates AV maps in the cloud, delivering a truly global and scalable mapping solution for automated vehicles. The Roadbook-enhanced Travel Assist feature will be available soon in Volkswagen, Škoda and Seat electric vehicle (EV) models based on Volkswagen's MEB platform.

Prof. Shashua and Dr. Herbert Diess, chairman of the board for Volkswagen Group, recently tested Volkswagen's new Mobileye-enabled Travel Assist features in an ID.4 vehicle in Munich. During the test drive, Diess observed several advantages to using REM technology for the advanced features. "It's a clear advantage of using real driving data over maps … everything works well, and the car is basically following this car without any intervention from my side," he said.