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Top Marks For Volkswagen in the Euro NCAP Test: Five Stars For the ID.5, Polo and Taigo.

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Germanys largest Automaker, Volkswagen, have announced a trio of success following recent testing at Euro NCAP. Volkswagen models, ID.5, Polo and Taigo have achieved the highest score possible with five out of five stars. In addition, the testers gave the all-electric SUV coupé and the two new small cars with combustion engines excellent ratings in all four tested criteria: the protection of adult occupants, children and vulnerable road users and standard assist systems.

The three Volkswagen models achieved very good scores above all in the category “Occupant protection for adults”. Here, the all-electric ID.501 received 93 % of the total possible points, while the Polo and Taigo even achieved a score of 94 %. The assessment is based on frontal impact, lateral impact and whiplash tests. The outstanding resultfor the ID.5 was determined based on the crash tests and an evaluation of the measures for the fastest possible rescue and recovery. A further important safety feature is the centre airbag for the front seats, which is installed in all three tested Volkswagen models. In the event of a side collision, this can help to prevent or at least reduce possible head contact between the persons in the first seat row.

The ID.5 achieved a result of 89 % in the category “Protection of children”. This rating is based on three important aspects: in addition to the protection provided by child restraint systems in the event of a frontal or lateral impact, the focus here is also on the options for safe installation of child seats of various sizes, as well as the equipment that a vehicle offers for the safe transportation of children. The Polo (80 %) and the Taigo (84 %) also did very well in this category.

In the “Assist systems” category, the ID.501 impressed with 85 % of the maximum score. Taigo and Polo each achieved 70 % in this category. As standard equipment, they all feature the Driver Alert System, the Front Assist emergency braking system with city emergency braking function and pedestrian detection, as well as the Lane Assist lane-keeping assistant. With the ID.5, the visual and acoustic seat belt reminders (in the first row of seats) and the seat occupancy recognition (in the second row of seats) were also considered and positively evaluated in this category.

In addition to occupant protection in vehicles, Euro NCAP also examines how well automatic emergency braking systems can protect vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists in the event of an impending collision. Euro NCAP has determined that the Front Assist system – equipped as standard in the ID.5, Taigo and Polo – is very effective at detecting these road users. The area monitoring system recognises critical distance situations through a radar sensor and camera and helps shorten the stopping distance. In dangerous situations, the system visually and acoustically warns the driver and utilises a braking jolt and automatic braking. In the area of protection of pedestrians and cyclists, the ID.5 achieved a result of 76 %, followed closely by the Taigo (71 %) and Polo (70 %).

Details on the individual tests are publicly available at

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