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Tesla Best Overall Performing Car of 2022 in Record Year of Rigorous Euro NCAP Testing.

Euro NCAP has announced the winners from 2022, the safety organisation’s busiest-ever year. These cars achieved the highest overall scores, based on their results for Adult Occupant Protection, Child Occupant Protection, Vulnerable User Protection and Safety Assist technologies. Furthermore, for the first time, this list includes two cars from Tesla and two Chinese newcomers to the European market.

Tesla, in particular, came on top in two of 5 categories and has significantly impacted the European car market due to its design and ethos. The company has also been determined to make a name for its brand in safety performance. Tesla Model S and Tesla Model Y are both high achievers in Adult Occupant Protection, and both vehicles achieved the highest score of 98% in Safety Assist of all the cars in this list. Tesla Model S is also the best-in-class achiever in the Pure Electric category.

The winners in each class are the following: Hyundai IONIQ 6 wins the best-in-class award in the Large Family Car category; the ORA Funky Cat in the Small Family Car Category; Tesla Model S in the Executive Car category; Tesla Model Y in the Small Off-Roader category and finally WEY Coffee 01 in the Large Off-Roader category.

Hyundai IONIQ 6 achieved exceptionally high results in Adult Occupant Protection with 97%. Fully electric and with the latest safety technologies, the IONIQ 6 certainly follows the trajectory of recent automotive developments. For child occupants, the IONIQ 6 provided good protection for all critical body regions of the 6- and 10-year dummies in the frontal offset and side barrier tests and scored maximum points in this part of the assessment.

2022 was notable for the number of new Chinese brands coming to Europe and achieving great results. Following some less-than-successful attempts to break into the European market in the past, several manufacturers are showing that Chinese brands can now compete on safety with well-established European brands. For example, in the Small Family Car category, the ORA Funky Cat is exceptionally well equipped and, being at the top of its class, outperformed several familiar brands.

The second Chinese brand car in our best-in-class list is the WEY Coffee 01, again highly equipped and performing well in all categories.

"2022 has been one of Euro NCAP’s busiest years yet and we have seen a lot of new car makers and new technologies. It’s clear car manufacturers see a good Euro NCAP rating as critical to success in Europe. This can only mean better safety equipment and safer cars for European consumers all round" Said, Michiel van Ratingen, Euro NCAP’s Secretary General

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