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Rimac C_Two Extreme Weather Testing

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

The Rimac C_Two is in the final stages of its homologation program, making sure it’s ready for every extreme it could face; engineers have put the C_Two’s HVAC system to the ultimate weather test.

Using a Climatic chamber, capable of creating temperatures as high as 48C (118F) and as low as -28C (-4F), the C_Two baked in high humidity 48C air, with sun lights beating down on it, until the cabin reached 70C (158F). The car’s compressors, pumps, and fans were then called into action, cooling the interior down to just 22C (72F) without overheating any components.

At the other end of the scale, the prototype vehicle was then left overnight in -28C (-4F) temperatures, with the doors wide open, creating a thin layer of ice all over the C_Two. As fluids in the car become thicker at these sub-zero temperatures, it becomes much more challenging for pumps to work. Still, all continued to work faultlessly, and the car was defrosted well within global homologation targets.

The pre-series prototype will go through final rounds of homologation tests, durability tests, trim experimentation, NVH tweaking, and global product evaluation before the complete specification production build later this year.

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