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Rain Mitigation, Wet Weather Test of a Self Driving ZOOX

Autonomous vehicle manufacturer ZOOX has released its latest test video. The video features their purpose-built vehicle, which the company say is designed and engineered to drive safely in rain, hail, or sunshine. In this episode of their video series "Putting Zoox to the Test", the ZOOX Durability team members explain how they test their vehicle to ensure it functions in wet weather.

The video details several aspects of the test and development work the company undertakes to ensure the vehicle's durability and the importance of testing the performance of the vehicle's complex onboard systems, especially when faced with various weather types and climates. The vehicle is put through different real-world scenarios.

The company say ZOOX work with a ground-up development approach which has enabled the company to reimagine every part of the vehicle. The vehicle requires a huge amount of testing to ensure riders' safe, reliable, and enjoyable experience and to get a purpose-built autonomous vehicle ready for public roads.

The video series provides behind-the-scenes coverage of their development program, including some of the many ways they are testing and validating their vehicle, from hardware-in-the-loop testing, to private track testing, and crash testing.