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New Optimized Depth Sensor for Outdoor Automotive and Robotics Applications

Israel based Newsight Imaging has announced the launch of the NSI1000A0M – an optimized version of the NSI1000 sensor for outdoor 3D imaging and for low reflectance applications. The sensor is already in intensive integration at selected customers in smart cities, automotive, and industry 4.0 markets.

The NSI1000A0M supports both eTOF (Newsight's patented enhanced Time-of-Flight technology) and multi triangulation technologies, with 32 lines of 1024 pixels. It enables 32 simultaneous ultra-accurate triangulation points extracted from a single frame using the NSI1000A0M global shutter or 1024x32 concurrent eTOF depth points. The company says its power-efficient sensor, provides multiple added-value features: automatic peak detection, multiset, auto exposure, and more.

Utilizing the revolutionary in-pixel accumulation feature, each pixel can capture thousands of returning pulses in one frame, translating them into highly sensitive digital signals. The sensor can adapt to beam intensity based on distance and reflectance while providing a 3D and black and white image in the same frame.

In addition, Newsight has launched a new configuration tool that supports easy customer optimization to achieve the optimal required performance. An evaluation kit of the NSI1000A0M is now available for testing.

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