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MESSRINGS CIS System Supporting Darhoor Meet Safety Compliance

The Chinese Tier 1 supplier, Darhour has been manufacturing seat belts and child restraint systems for the global automotive market for over 20 years. To ensure compliance and meet worldwide requirements for safety-related products, regulations and standards, the company has successfully installed MESSRINGS CIS System. As a result, Darhour has reached the next milestone in the continuous development of its processes. This is a consistent step in the context of the company’s commitment to being a progressive high-tech company offering development, production, sales and services from a single source.

With a production capacity of approximately five million seat belts and accessories per year, product quality assurance and certification is a significant challenge. Different charges have to be tested regularly according to different standards and requirements.

According to Messring by, utilising the Compact Impact Sled impresses with short test preparation times of less than ten minutes, enabling fast serial tests as needed, its also convenient as the data acquisition is completely integrated and thus additionally ensures a smooth process.

As in the case of Darhour, who produces articles for various markets on 15 production lines, testing according to a specific standard for the respective market is fine. The CIS can be quickly adapted to a wide range of compatible sled structures, such as seat belt and child restraint system testing according to UN ECE R 16, UN ECE R 129 or national standards such as the Chinese GB14166-2013 protocol, a total of over 15 global standards are available as a standardised sled structure.

Darhour has 12,000 square meters of floor space, the CIS requires just under 40 of them, saving the company space for production facilities, storage areas or offices. Installation is also as uncomplicated as can be; thanks to 100% pre-installation at the MESSRING site in Germany, the complete system was installed on-site and ready for operation in under three weeks.

Other facts that convinced Darhour of CIS were the low requirements for structural works, the system can be installed on ordinary industrial flooring plus the low maintenance requirements thanks to the wear-free braking system.

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