MESSRING introduces Euro NCAP compliant Articulated Pedestrian Adult Target.

German Crash Test Experts, MESSRING have launched their latest development in active safety. The company presented its brand new "Articulated Pedestrian Adult Target" at Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Adult Target replicates a 50% male adult in size, shape, realistic sensor signature and leg articulation. It complies with all NCAP and ACEA guidelines specifications and the ISO 19206-2 standard. Made for the proving ground The worldwide implementation of new test protocols is continuously increasing the demand for test equipment for Active Safety Tests such as VRU Testing, Lane Assist and AEB. The MESSRING Articulated Pedestrian Adult Target was developed to meet the exact requirements of these protocols and ease of use on the test site. The sensor signature is simultaneously realistically reproduced for radar, lidar, camera, infrared and ultrasonic sensors. The target impresses with light weight and soft structure, but simultaneously is designed for collisions up to 60km/h. The movement of the legs generates the Micro Doppler effect anchored in the protocol. With the ISO 19206-2 compliant connection, the target is compatible with all common carrier systems.

Control and activation of the leg motion is simple and easy via an IP-based interface and offer a quick selection of walking speeds of three, five and eight km/h.

"With the ASTERO we have demonstrated how test sites can get closer to the real world and VRU testing can take the next step beyond existing protocol requirements, with the Articulated Pedestrian Adult Target we now also want to provide test engineers and users with an option that is in line with the requirements in the current test protocols and convinces with the usual quality and reliability of MESSRING equipment," explains Dr. Igor Doric, Executive Director of MESSRING Active Safety GmbH.