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Updated: Oct 4, 2021

measX is a recognized specialist for test bench technology and test data management. For 40 years, the company has been developing, manufacturing, and selling customized test systems for research, development, and production. Well-known companies from the automotive and mechanical engineering industries as well as the chemical, electronics and energy sectors rely on measX's technological competence and expertise.

The focus within test bench technology is on automated measurement and test systems, retrofitting, in-house tailored electrical connectivity, and pre-conditioning solutions as well as developing and building specialized measurement equipment in small series. measX is a proven LabVIEW specialist and main distributor of the "easy-to-use" metrology software DASYLab. In the area of test data management, measX creates data management applications and evaluation systems that help customers to make comprehensive use of acquired test data and therefore informed decisions. The in-house developed data management and analysis software X-Frame can be used across industries with all kind of data.

The X-Crash analysis system from measX is the world's leading software for evaluating vehicle safety tests and a binding standard of Euro NCAP. The MOSES software specializes in vehicle dynamics tests.

At the company's locations in Moenchengladbach and Aachen, more than 60 employees work for customers in Germany, Europe and beyond.

measX is a long-standing Platinum Alliance Partner of National Instruments, an active member of committees such as AMA Fachverband für Sensorik e.V., ASAM e.V. and the Arbeitskreis Messdatenverarbeitung Fahrzeugsicherheit (MDVFS). As a partner of universities and colleges, measX sees itself as a bridge-builder between research and industry.

"ADAS IIT-Innovation In Test" a collaboration between measX and three other companies, leverages the partners' expertise in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), sensor fusion, hardware-in-the-loop (HiL), V2X communication, GNSS simulation, and data management to provide one-stop solutions for testing the development of autonomous vehicles.

Vehicle Safety Tests - X-Crash and X-Zero

X-Crash is one of the world's leading software for the evaluation of crash tests (passive vehicle safety). X-Zero is the best choice for evaluating active vehicle safety and assistance systems tests. The expert knowledge of analysis systems and vehicle safety gathered by measX over decades has been packaged in this software solutions.

As highly customizable turnkey systems, both contains internationally applicable test regulations and evaluation methods, meaning that test data can be analyzed reliably, consistently and in line with pertinent standards:

  • Tests for passive safety (Crash tests) with X-Crash

  • Tests for active safety (Assist System tests) with X-Zero:

  • Sled tests

  • Component tests

  • Dummy certification (X-Crash ATD)

The analysis software solutions represent a complete solution, from data inspection to the results report – with data management customized for vehicle testing, convenient tools for data inspection and post-processing and comprehensive analysis and reporting options.

Passive or active vehicle safety test, sled test or component test: all individual tests and complete test series can be quickly and reproducibly analyzed and compared according to current standards and laws. Powerful functions allow interactive viewing and processing of the raw data as well as manual calculation of channels and result values.

The European evaluation program for new vehicles, Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme), also relies on X-Crash for the official “star rating”: All accredited crash laboratories in Europa use this measX software for evaluation and report generation.

Evaluations and report layouts as desired

Whether as graphs or numerical data, the analysis results are presented in clear reports with a cover sheet, table of contents and results summary. You can make use of proven standard layouts or implement special wishes in custom layouts. Numerous formats, such as PDF, PowerPoint, PNG, JPG and EMF, are always available for outputting reports. The evaluation library contains a great many predefined evaluations and reports according to international regulations, laws and evaluation methods, such as ADR, NCAP, CMVSS, ECE, EU, Euro NCAP, FMVSS, IIHS, JNCAP, TRIAS, US NCAP, and many other standards.

Your benefits:

  • Safety: X-Crash and X-Zero are continuously adapted to the internationally applicable laws, crash regulations and evaluation methods.

  • Efficiency: You receive evaluations and reports in the shortest possible time.

  • Reproducibility: Analysis processes are executed largely automatically.

  • Ready to use: As standard software, X-Crash and X-Zero are ready for immediate use.

  • Flexibility: You will enjoy convenient customizing options.

  • Future-proof: X-Crash has a large user base and is under continuous further development.

More about X-Crash and X-Zero

MOSES – the key to efficient vehicle dynamics measurements

Vehicle dynamics tests are a fixed part of modern vehicle development. The in-vehicle data acquisition software MOSES optimally supports you in planning, executing and evaluating your tests.

MOSES was developed in cooperation with one of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers and is oriented around the workflow of testing engineers and test drivers down to the smallest detail. One particular highlight of MOSES is the consistently manoeuvre-oriented design with an extensive collection of predefined manoeuvres and interfaces for data acquisition.

The software controls the entire test process – from the integration of the sensors to test planning and all the way to quality control and verification of measurement validity. MOSES supports the vehicle dynamics measurement itself (also on a manoeuvre-specific basis): During the measurement, the specific characteristic values of the selected manoeuvre are calculated and evaluated (online display). For example, if it is necessary to maintain a specific speed, this is automatically registered. Any deviation is indicated both visibly and audibly so that the driver can respond immediately. With the Driver Assistant Display, relevant characteristic values can be displayed within the driver’s field of vision. All steps are coordinated with each other, and as much as possible takes place automatically.

Your benefits:

  • Efficiency: You obtain informative vehicle dynamics values in less time.

  • Comparability: You profit from an extensive collection of predefined manoeuvres.

  • Ready to use: As standard software, MOSES is ready for immediate use.

  • Easy to use: Operation and navigation is as simple as could be.

  • Flexibility: You can easily adapt and expand the system.

  • Safety: Test drivers are optimally supported with visible and audible signals.

More about MOSES

Vehicle Test Systems with Hard- and Software

Whether stationary test rigs, mobile data acquisition toolboxes or integrated In-vehicle systems - measX is specialized in implementing individual customer requirements in custom measurement and testing solutions including software needed. We work as much as possible with proven standard components supplemented with individual customization. All according to the specific requirements.

Our vast experience with automotive bus systems such as LIN, CAN, Flexpro and Ethernet and used protocols such as XCP, KWP2000 and many more, allows us to develop test systems for various areas in the automotive industry. They are mainly used in research and development, but also for end-of-line tests.

Engineers from diverse disciplines work together in our project teams to develop the best solution for you without being bound to any manufacturers. Whether it’s a window lift, tire or climate test bench, whether semi-automated or fully automated: Every test system is precisely customized for the respective requirements.

Your benefits:

  • Efficiency: Custom-designed systems minimize setup and testing times.

  • Time savings: Measurement data can be directly captured and visualized.

  • Convenience: Customized, user-friendly concepts simplify your daily testing work.

  • Precision: Workflows and test steps are automated as far as possible.

  • Safety: User safety and electrical safety are of the highest priority.

  • Investment security: measX test systems are known for their ease of maintenance, scalability and extensibility.

More about our test rig competences


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