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measX Announce Additional Languages for X-Crash, X-Zero and X-Crash ATD

Evaluation specialist measX has added additional languages to its products for vehicle safety. X-Crash, X-Zero and X-Crash ATD now support Japanese and French in addition to English and German; Chinese, Spanish and Italian are in preparation. Multilingualism is aimed at facilitating the international use of evaluation systems. Automotive developers and test laboratories worldwide use software solutions from measX to automatically evaluate tests for passive and active vehicle safety according to defined standards. It is a significant concern of measX to make the evaluation work as easy as possible for its international clients.

For this reason, the developers integrated additional language options into the user interfaces of X-Crash, X-Zero and X-Crash ATD. It is possible to switch between English, German, Japanese and French during runtime. The help files have also been translated.

Klaas Ebel, head of the Vehicle Safety department at measX, says: "The workflow during evaluation is generally already very fast thanks to the high level of automation. Operation in a familiar language additionally simplifies the processes, making them even faster and safer. For this customer benefit, we gladly accept that multilingualism significantly complicates product maintenance for us."

The translation was carried out in close cooperation with industry partners from the respective language area to ensure that the functions are named with the customary technical terms. Klaas Ebel adds: "This is crucial to ensure that the language version offers the desired benefits. The feedback from Japanese and French-speaking users has been very positive, and we look forward to offering more languages soon."

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