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Leading-edge “crash test” biofidelic dummy

In December 2020, CTS and Kistler announced their collaboration, in regard to the production of crash test dummies that arguably can realistically substitute the human body unlike before. The advanced dummy is a combination of a biofidelic dummy using high-precision measurement technology, the user will now benefit from greater scope for crash tests, product development, operational training and modelling or reconstruction of dynamic processes. The solution from CTS is now sold globally via Kistler Group's global sales network. The dummy is adaptable as it can be equipped with individual in-dummy measurement technology from Kistler and additional sensor instrumentation.

The product will significantly enhance vehicle safety and advances in the development of crash test dummies are opening up new opportunities. The PRIMUS biofidelic dummy from CTS, can offer an ideal solution for these purposes because it has a bone structure, along with, ligaments and joints that are largely modeled on those of humans, they even can consider weight distribution, skin, and skeletal structure with very close approximations of the biological original.

An example offered by Kistler and CTS is that “PRIMUS can be used for highly accurate reconstructions of accidents ‒ not only in the automotive sector but also in other application areas such as the aviation industry, safety engineering, product tests, and recovery exercises for rescue services. In the military sector, PRIMUS is suitable for use in applications such as tests of bulletproof vests. During operation, PRIMUS behaves like an unconscious human being; it can used in both standing and sitting positions with no need for further modifications. On request, PRIMUS can also be equipped with in-dummy measurement technology from Kistler, the Swiss market leader: combined evaluation of precise measurements and real damage supplies highly accurate and dependable test results for purposes such as expert reports and insurance cases, or to obtain certifications.”

Jens Wolking, working on Vehicle safety at Kistler says “Thanks to the collaboration between CTS and Kistler, customers across the globe now gain access to a holistic high-end system for crash tests – and that's not all. This solution is highly versatile, and it meets the most demanding requirements.”

The collaboration between CTS and Kistler, means more focus on integration of data acquisition systems, allowing clients to specify for specific scenarios “made to measure” by the inclusion of digital sensor technology that is fully integrated into PRIMUS to allow autonomous data acquisition without influencing the dummy. Implementation seems straight forward, as it requires just one cable for the data logger that is installed in the chest area.

PRIMUS was initially developed by CTS in cooperation with the Dresden University of Applied Sciences. The developers focused mainly on the structural design and the materials used in order to reproduce realistic effects of shock and pressure loads on the human body. CTS operates its own in-house production facility at Münster, Germany. Each dummy can be individually equipped and flexibly adapted to customers' specifications, such as, individually designed measurement technology, sections of tissue and bone can be specially adapted, and additional functions can also be customized when needed.

Dr. Mirko Dobberstein, Managing Director of CTS, sums up: "Our collaboration with Kistler gives us the opportunity to market our biofidelic dummy throughout the world ‒ and it also opens the way for us to develop new applications. Flexibility in the production of the dummies and also in equipping them with high-end measurement technology means that we can offer custom solutions to meet the very highest standards ‒ adding up to an enormous step forward in the field of crash testing and even beyond!"

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