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IPG Automotive and TraceTronic Intensify Partnership for Test of ADAS and AD Functions

TraceTronic and IPG Automotive have increased their collaboration to link two software solutions closer: CarMaker for virtual test driving and the Automotive DevOps Platform for test automation and analysis. Both systems are developed further as a joint platform to optimally meet the growing requirements in test processes of software-defined vehicles.

According to the partners, the integration of the CarMaker product family into the automation tools from TraceTronic, and extensive functionality tests for safety-relevant ADAS and AD systems can largely already be performed in the virtual environment. In addition, the applied test process is highly automated – from planning and execution to the evaluation of test cases.

The simulations are performed with remarkably accurate virtual prototypes and in realistic scenarios. Simulation artifacts are highly reusable across various test environments such as MIL, SIL, HIL and VIL. The optimized simulation core minimizes the necessary resources for big scale simulation studies and, at the same time, increases the level of detail for tests with real-time systems.

The integrated execution distribution automatically distributes test orders for new driving functions to available test resources – on HIL test benches as well as on highly scalable, distributed systems such as cloud and high-performance clusters. In addition, freely configurable test reports provide sound feedback on changes in the software code and support detailed error analysis.

The seamless test process throughout all stages of testing, therefore, enables continuous testing even for complex and extensive ADAS/AD projects. Amongst other things, this shortens the release cycle and speeds up the development of new driving functions.

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