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Independent Engineers take note, Bosch and ITK Engineering launch new platform freelancernetwork

There are many traditional ways Freelancers use to seek new business: pick up the phone and call around, research social networks, and connect with companies at trade shows. However, the Pandemic demonstrated that old-school door-to-door canvassing is a time-consuming and primarily analogue chore. Bosch believes that freelancers need a quicker, more flexible, and digital way of finding the next right job. The company along with ITK Engineering have launched a new digital service. The “freelancernetwork” platform provides highly qualified freelancers direct and free access to currently available projects of the Bosch Group. Bosch project managers are looking for specialists in application software, cloud applications, cyber security, data analytics, embedded systems, functional security, artificial intelligence, system architecture, user experience, and web and mobile applications.

The company says its new “freelancernetwork” is the gateway to opportunities at Bosch for highly qualified freelancers seeking direct access to search for exciting projects and get in touch with project managers. The website is

Two partners in the Bosch Group developed this digital service – the Connectory and ITK Engineering. The Connectory brand is both a co-innovation community and an ecosystem. Its initial mission was to build physical co-creation spaces around the world to establish an interdisciplinary IoT ecosystem. Recently, it also started offering various digital solutions. ITK Engineering is a wholly-owned Bosch subsidiary specializing in software engineering, embedded systems, and model-based development. An international technology company, it provides customer-specific consulting and development support services as well as system solutions. These two partners joined forces to set up the freelancer platform. Bosch is thus among the first companies worldwide to afford external experts direct access to internal projects. Freelancers with the right skills and credentials can use the platform to land attractive jobs without paying recruiter or agency fees.

“A fundamental change is underway in our working world,” says Martin Kröger, founder and head of the Connectory l Digital Solutions. “We are seeing much greater demand for short-term, flexible, and sometimes highly specialized services. This is where we enter the picture. With “freelancernetwork”, we can quickly and efficiently connect highly qualified professionals with our project managers who are seeking precisely these skills.” This freely accessible platform puts freelancers in touch with international projects pursued by Bosch and its customers.

“New projects get underway every day at Bosch worldwide and we often bring in outside expertise,” says Dennis Böcker, Head of Global IoT Innovation at Bosch and founder of the Connectory Spaces and Innovation Network. “It is often a big challenge to find the ideal freelancer precisely when you need one and quickly integrate that freelancer into the project without a lot of fuss. “freelancer network” will be the perfect platform for the two sides to quickly connect and a great addition to Connectory’s service portfolio.“ Currently, interested freelancers could choose from around 40 Bosch projects, which stemmed from 14 different Bosch business divisions, subsidiaries, and strategic project teams. The number of projects on offer since the portal’s launch has been increasing daily. Services are only available in Germany for now, but they will be offered worldwide. The launch in Japan and China is slated for early 2022.

Quality control is still a top priority. The customer evaluates each freelancer at the end of a project. Therefore, freelancers can make their profile more attractive to customers by moving up the ranking with positive ratings and a rising number and quality of completed projects to their credit.

The platform offers another great advantage for very complex projects. Clients can draw on the freelancer pool and ITK Engineering’s workforce to staff their project teams. Around 1,200 ITK Engineering employees can contribute skills that have been honed over many years. “The freelancer network’s launch marks an important milestone in the digital services that ITK Engineering offers in the area of software and systems development,” says Kröger.

This platform managed and operated by ITK Engineering is but one of several digital offerings. Customers can get a picture of the various services available now or to be launched in the months ahead at In addition, the company intends to roll out a platform for specialized micro-companies and a student portal to promote the development of creative innovation.

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