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How Testing Strategy Will Change in the Coming Years as the Automotive Industry Goes Electric.

Horst Hammerer, CEO of AVL SET provides an insightful overview of how testing is set to change over the coming years as the automotive industry goes electric. The 15-minute video includes several topics such as Inverters, including inverter test and verification, torque sharing between e-motors, High voltage power networks, energy transmission via electric cable, and a great example using E-Power testing in Formula 1.

Horst is Managing Director, shareholder and co-founder of AVL SET. As an entrepreneur he brought testing methodology & technology from the aerospace industry to automotive power electronics. He has founded and co-founded three companies. Before he started his own business in 1993, he was active in the aerospace industry with system design of various commercial aircraft systems including flight controls. Horst received his Dipl.Ing from the University of applied sciences, Ulm and the Plymouth Polytechnic/GB, where he wrote his diploma thesis.

AVL SET has several on-demand webinar videos at the following link

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