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Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Improving lives by making journeys safer, cleaner, and smarter.

HORIBA MIRA is a global provider of automotive engineering, research, and test services, with 75 years of experience in developing some of the world’s most iconic vehicles. Working in collaboration with vehicle manufacturers and suppliers around the world, they provide comprehensive support ranging from technology development and individual product tests through to full-vehicle design, development and build programmes.

Whilst traditionally known for its vehicle test services – including over 40 major facilities and 100km of Proving Ground – HORIBA MIRA is so much more than this. Over the last ten years it has invested heavily in the evolution of its engineering capability and in the development of MIRA Technology Park, Europe’s leading mobility R&D location for developing the latest automotive technology. The unique combination of engineering expertise, advanced testing facilities and prime location of MIRA Technology Park in the heart of the UK automotive industry, enables customers to develop and validate their technology, or vehicle, in one place.

HORIBA MIRA’s purpose is to improve lives by making journeys safer, cleaner and smarter.

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Automotive Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity presents one of the most formidable structural challenges to the automotive industry in recent times. As vehicles have become increasingly software-dependent and connected to their operating environment, they are increasingly exposed to cybersecurity liabilities and risk. A new cybersecurity regulation set down by the UNECE and standards that are in development by the ISO/SAE will in the immediate future establish significant new requirements for vehicle manufacturers to secure Type Approval. Without action, vehicle manufacturers in many markets will simply not be able to sell their cars, trucks or buses.

Navigating the new regulation is therefore mission-critical for the industry. HORIBA MIRA’s Vehicle Resilience engineers bring a complete contextual understanding of cybersecurity and its place in the wider automotive V-cycle. Having actively contributed to drafting of the new regulation and standard, they are extremely well-positioned to guide OEMs through the process.

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