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GAC R&D Center Europe Aims to Accelerate Innovation and Talent Pool

GAC Group recently announced the opening of the GAC Research and Development Center Europe (R&D Center Europe) in Milan, Italy. The launch of R&D Center Europe marks another milestone in the company's expansion strategy. The hub aims to pool together leading suppliers and R&D institutions, forming an ecosystem to strengthen the company's overall innovative and design capabilities.

The company says its Milan facility will play a pivotal role in implementing the company's R&D scheme outside of China. As per the long-term strategic move of "Design First, Other Fields to Follow", the team plans to prioritize prospective research in the design of concept cars and pre-production models and explore the field of emerging technologies at a later stage.

Zhang Fan, Vice President of GAC R&D Centre, said: "Design is one of the most important values for the GAC Group and, in today's market, a key decision factor for customers. We have chosen the city of Milan as our first European design hub for its strong cultural and creative identity, which combines ideas in motion, innovation, and heritage of style and design. "

Stephane Janin, Director of GAC Advanced Design Europe, will oversee operations at the new facility in Milan. Janin is known as "the master of concept cars" in the design industry and was a former lead of Renault's concept car department.

Janin will head a team of "Made in Europe" talent, joined by members of GAC Design studios in China and the US. Together, they will play an active part in Milan's creative community, facilitating the exchange of innovative ideas and practices on a global level.

With the support of the new team, GAC MOTOR can leverage Europe's sophisticated culture and talent, as well as the region's extensive experience in production, R&D network and progressive design outlook to maximize GAC MOTOR vehicles' appeal and perceived value.

The carmaker exported 23,544 units between January and September of 2022, up 84% year-on-year. Since entering international markets, GAC MOTOR has established a network of overseas distribution system in over 28 countries and regions.

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