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Foretellix, IPG, AWS and Valeo collaborate on Virtual Testing Toolchain for ADAS Development.

At CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Foretellix, IPG, AWS, and Valeo will showcase a virtual toolchain for large-scale virtual testing that supports solution interoperability and open industry standards.

The new toolchain for large-scale scenario-based ADAS testing provides Valeo with a state-of-the-art digital solution to develop and test ADAS. It allows Valeo to accelerate the development and deployment of ADAS while improving these systems' overall safety and reliability.

ADAS and AV development presents a unique challenge as it requires Valeo and other developers to conduct a massive scale testing program to ensure that these complex systems can safely handle all the possible scenarios they may encounter on the road. The new toolchain is specifically designed to meet this challenge by using Foretellix’s advanced test management and automation platform Foretify ™, together with best-in-class virtual simulation tools such as IPG CarMaker. AWS provides the flexible compute power infrastructure required for the massive scale of testing required to meet this challenge.

While Valeo’s driving assistance technologies contribute to automated driving, they also make mobility safer. Valeo is the global leader in this area, with its technologies integrated into one in three vehicles produced worldwide. Its portfolio includes ultrasonic sensors, cameras, radars, the first automotive-grade LiDAR on the market, and related smart technology (algorithms and software for data fusion, 360° mapping of the vehicle’s surroundings – which pinpoints the vehicle’s location on the map – and safety functions).

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