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First Autonomous Test Drive of the ID. BUZZ AD on Public Roads in Munich.

Volkswagen has released video footage of its ID.BUZZ AD being tested on public roads for the first time. The fully autonomous vehicle left its test site and drove directly in public traffic around Munich's centre. Herbert Diess, VW Group CEO tested the vehicle as a passenger. The company and their partner ARGO AI say the test was an important milestone for the Volkswagen Group to transform from a vehicle manufacturer to a software company.

The ID.BUZZ AD features an environment recognition system from six lidar, eleven radar and fourteen cameras, distributed over the entire electric vehicle, which can capture much more than any human driver can visualise from their seat. The company believe AD will relieve congestion and increase safety in cities. The ID. BUZZ AD will bring its passengers to their destination in a self-driving commercial ride-pooling service operated by MOIA - starting in 2025 in Hamburg.

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