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Extreme Winter Testing of Maserati Grecale

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Winter Testing of the Maserati Grecale prototype vehicles took place in Sweden, where they expressed their maximum power in extreme conditions and on very low grip surfaces.

Maserati says that the prototypes were tested to fine-tune the start-ups and drivability at extreme temperatures vehicle dynamics controls on mixed asphalt/ice/snow surfaces. The tests also examined the maintenance of climatic comfort according to all external conditions, which can vary from a few degrees above zero, up to -30 ° C in Lapland.

Tests were also carried out to fine-tune the traction, understeer and oversteer characteristics of the car in different drive modes and with different sizes and types of wheels to give a specific character to each of the various driving modes available.

During testing in extreme conditions, Grecale was put through low-grip handling tracks, with high-performance track laps on different routes, from steering pads to more demanding tracks characterized by curves, slopes, long straights and jumps, on snowy or icy surfaces.

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