Engineers from CUPRA tackle the challenge of transmitting emotion through the model's electric sound

A team of engineers and designers from CUPRA has turned nature's music into CUPRA's electric sound. The company say that it has created a holistic experience when creating the sound of its new model, Born. The brand's first 100% electric vehicle has zero emissions but will generate various emotions through engineered sound. To achieve this, the design team played with sounds that can be generated from natural products, such as the rubbing of stones.

"CUPRA's design is inspired by nature. Not in its romantic version, but in its most authentic, unrefined one: stones, wood, minerals, and this inspiration shaped its design, materials and colours, along with the sound the vehicle makes as well. Our aim to create a holistic experience."

says Francesca Sangalli, head of CUPRA's Color & Trim team.

CUPRA's sound engineers applied the latest technologies in the search for these emotions. But, first, the musical notes were defined, and the score had to be written with them.

"In many ways the creative process was similar to music production, using a dynamic combination of recorded natural sounds and electronically synthesised ones. It was quite a fascinating and novel process, and we believe the result will be equally thrilling for drivers and onlookers as it drives past."

says CUPRA sound engineer Adrián Mateo.

The company says that CUPRA's electric sound is not static but transforms and evolves. "We worked closely with the engineers to develop the three pillars we rely on to generate these emotions: mystery, tension and expression", explains Francesca. In doing so, they created a dynamic sound that flows between these three concepts. "We wanted the sound to convey different emotions dynamically, depending on how the vehicle is being driven at any given moment. So, for example, it can evolve more or less rapidly depending on the acceleration, producing different sensations associated with these three concepts," Adrián adds.

The company says that the public can already hear the team sensory creation as the new CUPRA Born takes to the streets and roads worldwide. "I think we've achieved an amazing sound, with metallic tones, without being harsh, and the warmth of wood, which is calmer and softer. And then there's the copper, which generates a lot of light. So it's a very well-orchestrated experience," Francesca concludes.