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Diversified Technical Systems (DTS) - Supplier Feature

Diversified Technology Systems (DTS) specializes in rugged, miniature data acquisition systems and sensors for automotive, aerospace, military and defense testing. Engineered to deliver unparalleled versatility and reliability in even the harshest environments, DTS understands testing with “one chance to get it right.”


DTS modular data acquisition systems and sensors support automotive passive safety testing including crash, blast, pedestrian, rollover, component, ATD calibration and airbag fire. As the leading developer of in-dummy DAS, DTS offers multiple embedded data acquisition systems for THOR, WorldSID, Hybrid III, Q-Series and WIAMan, the U.S. Army vertical load manikin. DTS also offers a variety of integrated solutions for the FLEX aPLI and PLI Legforms, Pedestrian Headforms and Free Motion Headforms.

DTS onboard and in-dummy DAS solutions support NHTSA and Euro NCAP configurations, in addition to ISO 6487 and SAE J211 requirements. DTS embedded data acquisition systems offer significant savings in terms of reduced test set-up time, fewer vehicle modifications to stay in target weight and less noise issues when processing the data. SLICE retrofit integration kits are available in a variety of channel counts for THOR, Hybrid III, WorldSID, Q-Series, aPLI, FLEX Leg, FMH headforms and more. Installation can be performed by DTS, integrators or directly by customers.

Key features including ultra-small form factor, modular configuration, rugged enclosures, high shock rating, high sampling rates, extensive sensor support, onboard memory and intuitive software have made DTS the top choice for dynamic testing worldwide.

DTS user-configurable data acquisition systems are uniquely designed for testing in extreme environments, making DTS data acquisition systems and sensors ideal for:

  • Occupant safety testing – standalone systems including power, trigger & communication synchronization

  • Field & off-road testing – ultra-small DTS DAS and sensors eliminate complicated cable runs improving data fidelity

  • Ride and handling – onboard IP68 rated data acquisition systems designed to embed on or in test articles

  • Rotating & torque measurements – miniature data recorders eliminate the need for slip rings

  • Sled testing – onboard and in-dummy DAS support low-g whiplash to high-g payload crashes


Diversified Technical Systems (DTS) is a prominent manufacturer of miniature, autonomous data acquisition units (DAU) and sensors for aerospace and defense testing. As a global leader in the field, DTS’s ultra-small, rugged solutions offer unique advantages for collecting critical data in extreme test environments.

DTS rapid deployment DAUs can be used standalone, networked, or integrated into existing test instrumentation. Some of the key features include universal analog sensor support, dual onboard recording and streaming, as well as Ethernet timing and synchronization (IEEE 1588, GPS). The miniature form factor allows the data acquisition units to be installed near the sensors, even in challenging locations. Ideal for in-flight testing, SLICE6 AIR data recorders offer real-time streaming in IRIG-106 (Chapter 10 or TmNS), plus onboard data recording to flash memory.

Optimized for low size, weight and power (SWaP), this rugged flight-ready data acquisition works standalone or can be networked for high channel tests. The modular system is user-configurable based on required sensor support, sampling rates and channel count, creating customized solutions for:

  • In-flight Testing

  • Modification/Compatibility Testing

  • UAS, UAV & Drones

  • Ejection Seats

  • Crash Survivability

  • Wind Tunnels

  • Space Capsules

  • Parachutes

  • Seat Testing

All DTS products and software are designed as turn-key solutions for your complete testing needs. DTS is known globally for miniature, rugged, high-speed measurement solutions.

Founded in 1990 by three automotive crash test engineers, Inc. Magazine has named DTS three times as one of the fastest-growing private U.S. companies. Based in California, DTS has global Technical Centers and sales partners worldwide to support customers 24/7/365 in every time zone.


Diversified Technical Systems (DTS)

Corporate Headquarters:

1720 Apollo Court, Seal Beach,

CA 90740


DTS Technical Centers:

Michigan, United Kingdom, France, Japan, China, Korea, Asia-Pacific

Technical Support 24-7-365 via DTS Help Center



Phone: +1(562) 493-0158


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