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CARIAD Develops Safety & Comfort Functions for Vehicles Built on the VW Volume Software Platform

Cariad has developed e-route planner which schedules charging stations for the driver and alleviates range anxiety. The software function automatically schedules required charging stops when driving to a destination that would be unreachable with the current state of charge.

The idea is to make a trip as quick and convenient as possible. To calculate the optimal charging stops and guide drivers to their destination as quickly as possible, an e-route planner considers vehicle data, real-time information on charging infrastructure and drivers' individual preferences.

All relevant route and charging information is available via the infotainment system and enriched with live data. This includes each charging station's distance and arrival time, and charging duration. In addition, an e-route planner is available to vehicles in the volume segment across various Volkswagen Group brands.

According to Cariad, the software function will offer great benefits for comfort and convenience. Above all, the function allows the driver to reach their destination as quickly as possible. Charging stations are automatically planned so that the driver comfortably gets to them in time, before running out of charge. The e-route planner also calculates the optimal charging time at each station – it may not be necessary to always charge to 100%.

Another advantage of the e-route planner is the ability to create routes with charging stops tailored to each driver. This is possible because of individual data on driving behaviour and the specific route profile. In addition, customers can provide ratings and reviews for the charging stations they use.

E-route planner works dynamically. If an incident on the route occurs, such as a fault at a planned charging station or a traffic jam, e-route planner automatically reacts and changes the path accordingly. Moreover, drivers can filter charging stations according to charging power, availability and payment methods.

In combination with the Plug & Charge function, e-route planner greatly simplifies the overall charging experience.

E-route planner largely depends on online services to display up-to-date information and provide the best and quickest route to the driver. For example, a data connection is needed for live data on charging stations and traffic jams. Nevertheless, a database with information on charging stations is updated in the background regularly. This means that most information on setting points is still available in the car in case of a bad connection.

Cariad says they will continue enhancing e-route planners through data-driven development. For example, with the consent of its users, vehicles in the Volkswagen fleet can act as data gatherers, constantly collecting information on users' driving behaviour, vehicle data, and even the charging infrastructure. In this way, the company says they are creating a truly personalized and seamless driving experience that's equally precise and always up to date.

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