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Building a Diverse Electric Motorcycle Fleet in Africa

ALYI - Alternet Systems, Inc. has undertaken an initiative to transition the millions of "boda boda" motorcycle taxis used in Africa from combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles (EV). Following on from Africa, the company plans to expand into the global motorcycle taxi market.

The company has started an EV Rideshare Pilot Program targeting the existing motorcycle taxi market. The Pilot Program is a first step toward the planned fulfillment of an initial 2,000 electric motorcycle order. ALYI expects to begin generating revenue fulfilling the electric motorcycle order later this year.

Alternet Systems, says the electric motorcycle, will include the battery, Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, and an integrated operator's display. In addition, projects go beyond the vehicle to have, for example, charging technology and fleet management tools.

The company says it is leveraging their EV IP in collaboration with select electric motorcycle manufacturers to produce electric motorcycles for a fleet of ALYI electric motorcycles deployed into the existing motorcycle taxi market in Africa and beyond. ALYI is also exploring the additional collaboration of electric motorcycle manufacture to increase production capacity and diversity to rapidly transition millions of existing motorcycle taxis from combustion engines to electric motors.

ALYI CEO Dr. Randell Torno recently visited Nairobi to engage in several EV Rideshare Pilot Program waypoint meetings to include meetings to evaluate potential new electric motorcycle manufacturers that could contribute to the ALYI electric motorcycle fleet.

Dr. Torno reported in a recent follow up to his meetings in Nairobi, "I believe all boda-boda key parties are well receiving our pilot program regarding all essential boda-boda pacing points. I am optimistic that our first electric motorcycle deployment target following the pilot can be 20,000 electric motorcycles, far surpassing the 2,000 trial order we built the pilot around. I believe the number can rapidly grow from 20,000."

ALYI's say its wants to introduce an EV Ecosystem that addresses the entire EV adoption environment, from the charging, maintenance and infrastructure that goes into supporting consumer and commercial vehicles, to attract consumers and businesses to transition from combustion engines to electric-powered vehicles.

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