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Bosch Establishes Startup for Quantum Sensing.

Robert Bosch GmbH has set up a new business unit to commercialize quantum sensors. To share in the strong growth expected for this market, an in-house startup will pool the research results so far and translate them into products. Jens Fabrowsky, the executive vice-president of Bosch Automotive Electronics responsible for the semiconductor business, says: “Quantum technology is pushing the boundaries of what is possible – in both data processing and sensors. Above all, the aim is to increase the overall practical benefit of quantum effects – for everything from the development of carbon-neutral powertrains to neurological diagnosis. Bosch has been doing extensive research in quantum sensing for many years now, and we see ourselves as global leaders in this area. Now we also want to use this as a basis for future business models.”

The CEO of the newly established startup is Dr. Katrin Kobe. A physics PhD, she brings to Bosch more than 25 years of management experience with various technology companies. During that time, she developed several new business areas. “At Bosch, research is a top priority,” she says. “As a global company with alliances and expertise in quantum technology, Bosch is seizing the opportunity to make headway with this promising new field in an agile startup environment.” There are already 15 associates working at the new startup. The team, which is set to grow to more than 20 in the coming months, is looking to attract engineers and business developers in particular.

Market experts predict strong growth in quantum sensing applications in the years ahead. In 2021, 22 billion dollars was invested worldwide in quantum technology. According to McKinsey & Co., the market for quantum sensors is expected to grow to as much as 7 billion dollars.

Bosch’s new business unit will be located on its grow platform GmbH subsidiary in Ludwigsburg. The startup will be assigned to the Bosch Automotive Electronics division, based in Reutlingen.

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