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Bosch Establishes Sector Board for Mobility Solutions Business Sector.

Bosch says it plans to reorganise its Mobility Solutions business into a business sector with profit and loss responsibility. Customer requirements are changing as a result of the transformation of the mobility segment. The reorganisation of Bosch Mobility Solutions aims to be able to serve existing and new customer needs with customised technologies and solutions from a single source. The reorganisation should be effective January 1, 2023, Along with the reorganisation, the company is establishing a new management team, The team should be in place from October 1, 2022, and will be responsible for Mobility Solutions and all its divisions.

The chairman of the new sector board will be Dr. Markus Heyn (57), member of the board of management Robert Bosch GmbH and head of the Mobility Solutions business sector since January 2022. In addition, the following additional members have been appointed:

Andreas Dempf (52) will be retaining responsibility for sales and customers of Mobility Solutions – a function he has performed since the beginning of this year.

Dr. Uwe Gackstatter (58), currently president of the Bosch Powertrain Solutions division. In the future, he will assume responsibility for commercial affairs.

Klaus Mäder (55), currently president of the Automotive Electronics division, will be responsible for operations and thus among other things for all plants worldwide as well as for quality.

Dr. Mathias Pillin (55), currently president of the Cross-Domain Computing Solutions division, will take over technology responsibility for the entire business sector.

“With the new management team, we will be well positioned to make the best of growth opportunities arising from the transformation of mobility”

says Dr. Markus Heyn, member of the Bosch board of management and head of the Mobility Solutions business sector

According to Bosch , the following months will see, the sector board work together with associates and executives from the Mobility Solutions operating units, as well as with the involvement of the employee representatives, to flesh out the business sector’s future setup. The rapid pace of the mobility segment's transformation opens up ample growth opportunities. In the interest of its customers, Bosch intends to take advantage of these opportunities and to extend its position as one of the leading providers of mobility solutions.

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