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AVL SET - Supplier Focus

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

AVL SET has its headquarters in Wangen, Allgäu, Germany, and is a member of the AVL Holding group with headquarters in Graz, Austria. The joint venture established in 2012 between SET GmbH and AVL List GmbH combined two fields of competence: The start-up mentality of an agile technology company shaped by a pioneering spirit and the powerful, global

infrastructure of a global player.

Test Technology “Made in Germany”.

AVL SET is focused on the testing of power electronics across the entire life cycle of power electronic components. Our testing methods, test devices and test systems accompany these components from their development to their manufacture and repair. In doing so, AVL SET breaks new ground to make the test procedures as efficient and insightful as possible. The

technology originates entirely from within our own company and has permanently established

itself on the market.

The focus of our business field lies on the automotive, aerospace, industrial and marine sectors,

whereby e-mobility, due to the agile development in this sector, is the subject of our particular

attention. Our passion is to use the most modern testing technology possible to make electric

powertrains cheaper and more reliable, and to increase the range of electric vehicles. OEMs,

tier 1s and tier 2s are able to profit from AVL SET’s products and services.

Technology + Presence + Support Worldwide

Having all the expertise in house that is required for an attractive test solution including all

technological sub-disciplines involved in the field of testing power electronics makes us fast and

flexible. This is also how we are able to ensure perfectly aligned solutions. Highly qualified

teams, agile working methods, excellent project management, international project execution

and a holistic approach to application support result in us being very much appreciated by our

clients all over the world. We are the recognised experts in the area “Test Systems for Power

Electronics”, from understanding of the methodology up to global project execution and reliable


What makes AVL SET’s expertise so special?

The decisive factor is the bundling of all key technologies under one roof:

  • Highly dynamic power amplifiers based on special architectures

  • Ultra-fast computer platforms based on FPGAs

  • Highly accurate, real-time capable machine models running in the nanosecond range

  • Optimum system design

  • Sound safety technology

AVL SET Products


The AVL Power-HiL enables the validation of the inverter already in an early

development phase and optimizes the integration with all other components in the

electrified powertrain. We have designed a test environment, where all functionalities

and failure modes can be optimized, tested and pre-calibrated efficiently. Compared

to testing in prototype vehicles, this not only results in optimized processes but

significant time savings.


  • Full test coverage while reducing cost and test time

  • Tests are fully reproducible

  • Emulation of different e-motor types via mathematical models by software

  • Precise motor models ensure realistic test results based on correct e-motor behaviour

  • Excellent phase drivers signal quality due to precise replication of arbitrary phase current trends

  • Control of rotor position, control of torque, control of speed

  • High switching frequency to make sure that inverter and e-motor are fully synchronized

  • Testing fault scenarios like active short circuit and line short circuits

Power Component Tester

The AVL Power Component Tester (PCT) is an integrated test solution. It consists of

a one or three phase AC-source / sink and a DC-source / sink, which are controlled

centrally. The variability of the PCT enables easy changes between different test

cases. The Power-Loop architecture of the power sources / sinks is the reason why

energy can flow in a circle. The occurring power losses only need to be covered by

energy out of the grid. Test cases can be done easily by using the integrated user

interface. The PCT can be connected additionally to a higher-level automation

system. Due to its small carbon footprint and simple connection concept, the Power

Component Tester is suitable for laboratory use.


  • Compact and easy test set-up

  • Easy test configuration

  • Testing of electrical limit values

  • Flexibility for the developer

  • Minimal installation effort

EoL Tester

The AVL EoL Tester is a compact test solution, consisting of either one or two

cabinets. It can be used to perform 100% routine testing as well as testing of field

returns. Test sequences are implemented according to customer specific

requirements. Precise measurements and interpretation of the test results are

guaranteed. The documentation of production data is included.


  • Compact, modular test setup

  • Simple test configuration

  • Minimal installation effort

  • Fully automatic testing of inverters (3-phase or 6-phase)

  • Customer specific sequence controller

  • Testing at full current and voltage according to customer requirements

  • Energy-saving and cost-effective purely inductive load

  • Fully comprehensive test system including calibration, logging, evaluation of

  • measured values or IO/NIO

LV Power-HiL

The LV Power-HiL comes in whenever there is need to fulfill test requirements of low

voltage applications. It supports 3- or 6-phase operation in the development of

electric steering systems, electric brakes or e-bike drive inverters. Precise motor

models mimic real e-motor behavior, thus making inverter development and testing

independent from the e-motor. Parameterization is simply done by mouse click. The

compact rack-solution can easily be integrated into the test setup via the CAN,

TCP/IP or EtherCat interface.


  • Components testing such as electric steering, pumps, electric stability control (ESC)

  • Compact test solution for e-bike traction inverters

  • One solution for the complete product life cycle

  • Accurate real-time motor models

  • Emulation of different e-motor types

  • Design verification in all operation points

  • Design optimization for increasing operation efficiency

  • Real time Power-HiL enables full power/real current testing

  • Simple test setup in laboratory environment

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