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Autoliv in Development of new Motorcycle Safety Products.

Autoliv, Inc. is developing a series of products intending to improve motorcycle safety significantly. The concepts include the world's first motorcycle helmet with an integrated airbag for enhanced head protection in collaboration with AIROH, airbags for protective clothing, and a motorcycle airbag.

Instead of focusing on one specific safety product, Autoliv Research has identified the types of severe injuries that are most frequently sustained by motorcycle riders. The injury mechanisms were then reproduced in virtual and physical testing. Two sets of new safety solutions were developed based on insights derived from the tests: on-vehicle- and on-rider safety solutions. "To substantially reduce the number of motorcycle rider injuries and fatalities, we need to take a holistic approach where we investigate several combined countermeasures. We have always developed our products based on real world data to ensure the benefit for the end user. We intend to use the same approach to other mobility modes, like motorcycle riders, to save more lives", said Mikael Bratt, President, and CEO of Autoliv

Together with Italian helmet manufacturer AIROH, Autoliv has studied and developed a motorcycle helmet concept with an integrated airbag. Autoliv's testing shows that the peak linear head acceleration and head injury risk in an impact can be significantly reduced by utilizing airbag technology. In addition, Autoliv is focused on improving chest and shoulder protection for motorcycle riders, primarily to protect a rider ejected from a motorcycle. Consequently, Autoliv is developing inflators and airbags for high-quality protective clothing, such as rider jackets. "We have always focused on the safety of those who wear our helmets, which has impacted the development of the world's first motorcycle helmet with an integrated airbag. The early discussions we had with Autoliv convinced us of the feasibility of such an ambitious concept that could revolutionize the safety of millions of motorcycle riders", said Antonio Locatelli, CEO, and founder of AIROH.

Extensive virtual simulations and crash tests have shown that an airbag in a frontal collision can reduce head, neck, and chest injury risk. Autoliv has developed an airbag mounted on the vehicle frame which is deployed in milliseconds during a crash.

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