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Autoliv and Geely to Develop Advanced Safety Technology for Future Vehicles

Autoliv China, and Geely Auto Group, have entered a non-exclusive, strategic cooperation agreement to develop advanced safety technology for future vehicles. The collaboration includes a system approach to automotive safety and will cover 16 technologies. The objective is to create products that will meet the future demand for safer vehicles and save more lives. The two companies first began working together in 2002 which has since generated numerous advanced technologies, including a pre-pretensioner seatbelt and a steering wheel with hands-off detection technology.

The new cooperation between Autoliv and Geely is expected to accelerate the launch of new advanced safety technologies to the market. The scope of the collaboration includes safety for high-level autonomous driving, intelligent steering wheel technology, a 360° occupant safety system, and the development of a sustainable leather replacement.

“The new cooperation between Autoliv and Geely shows our common intention to speed up the process of going to market with new safety technology that will save more lives. Geely is a strong player in a very dynamic and transformative industry, and I am pleased that we have established this cooperation in China. Furthermore, our shared commitment to sustainability underpins and supports our collaboration”, said Sng Yih, President, Autoliv China.

“This strategic collaboration marks another milestone for Geely and Autoliv and allows us to create cars with a new level of safety technology. Furthermore, through our close cooperation, Geely and Autoliv can increase our respective innovation capacity and technical competitiveness in the automotive market,"

said Guowang Kang, Vice President, Geely Auto.

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