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Aurora Debuts Volvo’s First Commercial Autonomous Truck for U.S. Highway Market

Aurora offered a glimpse of its Aurora-powered Volvo VNL—Volvo’s flagship long-haul truck, integrated with the Aurora Driver’s sensor suite. This prototype is the first of the Volvo VNL fleet to be designed to operate with the Aurora Driver and represents a significant step as Aurora and Volvo begin building commercial L4 Class 8 trucks at scale for Volvo’s North American customers.

Developing a self-driving truck with Volvo that’s both reliable and scalable

Volvo, the second-largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer globally, it builds hundreds of thousands of trucks each year. By joining forces with Volvo Autonomous Solutions, Aurora has the support of Volvo’s trucking industry stature, engineering experience, production capacity, commercial relationships, and safety knowledge to commercialize Aurora-powered Volvo trucks at scale.

Aurora is leveraging the power of the Aurora Driver Development Program to structure the engagement with Volvo and maximize the combined team’s strengths in world-class vehicle engineering, manufacturing and support, and autonomous vehicle technology development.

Safely developing vehicles powered by the Aurora Driver for wide deployment is a highly rigorous multi-phase process. This incredibly complex process is why Aurora says it is collaborating with Volvo to design the VNL architecture for its Driver and why these trucks will be manufactured on Volvo’s production line.

Volvo validates all vehicles against its own safety standards. Additionally, Aurora is rigorously adhering to the guidelines in its Safety Case Framework to ensure the safety of what Aurora and Volvo are building together, which must be satisfied before the safety driver can be removed.

Over the next several months, Aurora will integrate its feature-complete hardware kit and test and validate Aurora-powered Volvo VNL trucks through its robust Virtual Testing Suite.

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