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Ansys Collaborate With Intel Foundry Services To Equip the Semiconductor Industry with EDA

Ansys has announced its inaugural partnership to IFS Accelerator – EDA Alliance to provide best-in-class EDA tools and simulation solutions to support customer innovation, including bespoke silicon for customizable three-dimensional integrated circuits (3D-IC) designs.

IFS Accelerator will make silicon technology available to customers to design uniquely innovative chips by leveraging Ansys' multiphysics solutions. In addition, Ansys' EDA and simulation tools will enable mutual customers to reduce design barriers, minimize design risk and cost, and accelerate time to market.

The IFS Accelerator will foster collaborative innovation with world-leading EDA, design services and IP partners to provide a comprehensive design ecosystem with premium process technologies, advanced packaging technologies, and manufacturing capabilities.

"We are excited to announce the IFS Accelerator – EDA Alliance as a major step forward for Intel's foundry ambitions," said Rahul Goyal, VP and GM of Intel Product & Design Ecosystem Enablement. "Together with Ansys and other partners, this alliance will create advanced flows and methodologies, and accelerate productivity by combining our knowledge, resources, and shared passion to drive electronic design."

The advanced packaging technologies allow multiple chips to be placed together within system-in-package (SiP) designs for greatly increased capacity, performance, and flexibility. This leads to completely new kinds of integrated systems.

"IFS is built to help meet the growing global demand for semiconductors. Ansys is a proud supporter of the semiconductor industry," said John Lee, vice president and general manager of the electronics and semiconductor business unit at Ansys. "It is also a privilege to partner with IFS as one of the leading EDA vendors in its newly formed alliance. We meet this opportunity with enthusiasm and offer our unwavering support to enable our customers to access silicon technology to design with innovation."

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