X-Zero 2.0: Evaluate ADAS tests directly in the vehicle

Updated: Apr 6

Evaluation software supplier, measX, specialists in vehicle safety and crash testing have announced the latest release of X-Crash for crash test evaluation and X-Crash ATD for dummy certification. The brand new version 8.0. X-Zero, including an evaluation tool for testing assistance driver systems (ADAS), appears in its second edition. The software updates offer additional test specifications and improvements in ease of use and evaluation.

Each test can be examined directly in the vehicle immediately after the manoeuvre.

With X-Zero 2.0, it is possible to evaluate ADAS tests already in the test vehicle for the first time. Since its launch in 2019 - then called X-Crash Zero - the X-Zero evaluation software has become the standard for developing and validating driver assistance systems.

"Active safety is now a completely separate topic in the industry. That's why we are dispensing with the name suffix 'Crash' from now on and focusing on the shared Vision Zero - road traffic without crashes," explains Klaas Ebel, Business Development Manager Vehicle Safety at measX. An essential innovation in X-Zero 2.0 is the "On Road" mode, which supports test evaluation directly in the test vehicle. As standard software, X-Zero can be installed on any Windows-capable computer in the vehicle. The on-road mode is optimized for easy operation, for example, via touch display. Klaas Ebel explains: "With this version, we are responding to the customers' desire to use the time on the Proving Ground as efficiently as possible. Immediately after the manoeuvre, X-Zero automatically creates the evaluation, and the test can be assessed immediately." The reports in on-road mode do not differ from those of the desktop version. New in X-Zero 2.0: The test results of different traffic scenarios are presented numerically and in graphical form. For example, an additional "intersection plot" shows the positions of the test vehicle and target at the end of the manoeuvre.

The intersection plot quickly shows whether the emergency brake assistant has reacted in time.

In addition to these innovations, minor adjustments increase the user comfort of X-Crash and X-Zero. Selection and parameterization of macros have been simplified and the display options for channels have been expanded. Data sets can now be evaluated according to different regulations in just one step and comparative evaluations, for example of crash and sled tests, are better supported. X-Crash is the reference software of Euro NCAP and other evaluation programs for new vehicles and contains all relevant international test regulations. For the current release, the developers brought all evaluations up to date with the latest regulations. X-Crash ATD 8.0 for dummy certification has received updates for numerous dummy types. A new feature for automated alignment of test data folders improves collaborative work in a network. "For automotive developers and test laboratories, it would be extremely time-consuming to ensure that the evaluation is up to date and reliable, given the very different and ever-changing test requirements worldwide. Here, we see our task as a development partner and regularly adapt the support tools to new evaluation requirements," says Klaas Ebel.