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Walter Henrich GmbH and Poppe + Potthoff GmbH enter into partnership

The companies Poppe + Potthoff GmbH and Walter Henrich GmbH have decided on a future partnership. As part of the cooperation between the two family-owned companies, Poppe + Potthoff GmbH will take a 51% stake in Walter Henrich GmbH. As a result, the Daaden-based company will become part of Werther's group.

Walter Henrich GmbH supplies its customers from a wide range of industries with specific guide and spindle tubes for vehicle steering, as well as rotor and tubular shafts for a variety of applications. As a member of the Poppe + Potthoff Group, the company will be increasingly active in e-mobility. The cooperation will allow Walter Henrich to strengthen its commitment to this field further and consistently adapt its services to new customer requirements. The decision to partner with Poppe + Potthoff will enable the company to continue to drive the market forward with its innovations in the future.

The Poppe + Potthoff Group develops and produces, among other things, customer-specific steel tubes, common rail subsystems, high-pressure lines, precision components, line shafts, and couplings as special machines and test benches. With a passion for innovation and customer focus, the group supplies leading-edge technology companies with core components for their offerings. Through the partnership with Walter Henrich, Poppe + Potthoff expands its portfolio and thus creates the possibility to offer its customers an even broader range of products.

Poppe + Potthoff and Walter Henric say its combined orientation can provide precisely tailored products to specific customer requirements. In a news release, the companies confirm it was not only because of this common ground that entering into a partnership was easy for both companies. The partners say that cooperation will lead to the opportunity's to exchange ideas and successfully perform together on the market in the future.

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