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Virtual Testing integrated at NARDÒ Technical Center

VI-grade announced that Nardò Technical Center, operated by Porsche Engineering Group, created a virtual proving ground for its physical proving ground and engineering facility which is located in Nardò, Italy. A user of VI-GraphSim and VI-Road, can use the new road data files and graphic scenarios both for offline and online simulations. Additionally, the Nardò Technical Center virtual proving ground data files will be made available for purchase and rental on the VI-grade website.

Antonio Gratis, Managing Director, Nardò Technical Center, Says.“With the adoption of the VI-GraphSim and VI-Road software provided by VI-grade, we plan to further enhance our virtual testing capabilities, strengthening our virtual development and validation activities by offering virtual scenarios for different applications.”

“We are very pleased that the Nardò Technical Center chose to cooperate with VI-gradein order to provide digital tracks and virtual graphic scenario”, said Alessio Lombardi, VI-grade.“This will help our customers take vehicle design decisions in a faster and more accurate manner, helping reduce dependence on physical prototypes through the opportunity of safely accessing a virtual version of their proving ground at a lower cost.”

The center is spread over 700 hectares where users find a wide variety of testing tracks and facilities, the Nardò Technical Center is renowned, especially for it's unique 12,6 km circular Track and the car dynamic platform, (both were recently renovated). The proving ground offers unique characteristics which can be used in the testing of handling performance.

The Nardò Technical Center, is one of the most frequently used proving grounds in the European Union. The centre offers its users a variety of durability, reliability, vehicle dynamics and tire tests. The Nardò Technical Center through the use of simulation and virtual testing, has the possibility to further expand its testing capabilities, providing its customers with the digital clone of their tracks, via the VI-grade website.

Notes about the VI-grade products.

VI-Road enables to prepare road data files for vehicle simulations and supports a series of advanced capabilities, such as the possibility of modeling kerbs and of specifying variable friction coefficients and track disturbances. The user interface grant access to specific tools for creating, manipulating and smoothing driver lines; thanks to an embedded solver, VI-Road enables to estimate the static limit speed profile for a given vehicle on a specified trajectory.

VI-GraphSim provides high-resolution and low-latency graphic environments for both static and dynamic Driving Simulators. VI-GraphSim, in conjunction with the usage of wide-screens, provides drivers with an immersive environment for a unique driving simulation experience: through the usage of different cameras it is possible to satisfy the needs of drivers and track engineers at the same time. VI-GraphSim includes a large variety of vehicle models from many different race series and from automotive OEMs and a large number of racing tracks.

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