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Universal Chip Telemetry monitoring solution selected by supplier of Digital Imaging Radar Sensors

ProteanTecs, has announced that Uhnder, a supplier of digital imaging radar sensors for ADAS and next-generation mobility applications, has selected the company's Universal Chip Telemetry (UCT) monitoring solution. The aim is to provide actionable insights and predictive data about its radar-on-chip's performance, quality, and reliability through all product development and usage cycles.

proteanTecs provides a cloud-based analytics platform that applies machine learning algorithms to measurements extracted from on-chip monitors, strategically placed during design to provide high coverage, high-resolution picture of the system's health and performance throughout its lifecycle. As a result, chip manufacturers and Tier1s can reduce DPPM (defect parts per million), optimize system performance, and manage reliability margins. In addition, once deployed in the field, OEMs can perform data-driven OTA updates, ECU fault diagnostics, and predictive maintenance, with alerts on faults before failures.

Curtis Davis, Uhnder CTO and co-founder, said: "The automotive industry needs better sensing with high reliability to reach truly effective ADAS and full autonomy. proteanTecs' UTC deep-data monitoring provides Uhnder with critical visibility, along with predictive performance tracking, during production and while the system is in mission mode."

"Uhnder has built the power and flexibility of digital processing into their radar sensors," said Gal Carmel, proteanTecs GM Automotive. "This enables complete programmability while allowing for precise digital imaging radar perception. In addition, by embedding proteanTecs' UCT, Uhnder will be able to reinforce the performance and reliability profiles needed for series production at scale."

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