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UL to open New Test Facility in Querétaro, Mexico

UL, plans to open a new laboratory in Querétaro, Mexico in mid-2022. The facility, 221 kilometres (137 miles) northwest of Mexico City, will be one of the first multi-national testing and engineering labs to open in Mexico and will test for product safety and performance for the Mexico market and export to the United States, Canada and countries throughout Latin America.

The facility is Located in the Kaizen Industrial Park complex and adjacent to the Querétaro International Airport. The new laboratory sits within one of Mexico’s leading manufacturing hubs. It will house testing facilities for engineered materials, wire and cable, appliances, lighting, refrigeration and consumer technologies. With Mexico ranked as one of the world’s top exporters in the automotive industry, the new laboratory will also have dedicated UL experts and customized equipment to provide automotive materials testing.

“Balancing innovation and speed-to-market with obtaining market access and achieving product compliance approvals are crucial to customer success in dynamic and demanding markets,” said Rodolfo Flores, UL’s regional director for Latin America. “With the development of the Querétaro laboratory, we look forward to applying science and objective authority to help manufacturers in Mexico solve these critical challenges by helping them develop and market safe, compliant products and innovations, allowing them ultimately to grow and prosper.”

The laboratory will offer local testing for the UL Mark for the U.S. and Canada. Upon accreditation approval, it will also offer the Normas Oficiales Mexicanas (NOM) Mark in Mexico and Latin American certification services. The development of the laboratory builds upon UL’s three decades in Mexico. In addition, UL has a well-established engineering and customer service capability in Mexico City and an engineering team in Querétaro.

“We are thrilled to be building on our long legacy here in Mexico and to fulfill our mission of working to make the world a safer place,” said Flores. “We look forward to serving as a trusted collaborator with manufacturers here in Mexico to test their products close to their production facilities and navigate the regulatory landscape to help ensure a streamlined destination market entry.”

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