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Toyoda Gosei Develops Driver-side Airbag With New Structure That Improves Driver Safety

The Major Japanese Tier 1, Toyoda Gosei has announced its developed a driver-side airbag with a new structure that they claim can safely protect the occupant much more than other airbag systems supplied previously. This airbag is already being supplied on the fecently launched all-new Honda Civic for the North American Market in June 2021.

Loaded in the steering wheel centre, driver-side airbags inflate during frontal collisions to mitigate the impact on the driver’s head and chest. In order to more safely protect the occupant during angled frontal collisions, the new airbag uses an innovative doughnut-shaped structure to cradle and hold the head to reduce rotation. This will help to meet the requirements of new car assessment programs in North America and elsewhere that are expected to become stricter in the coming years.

Toyoda Gosei says its committed to continuing developing and supplying airbags corresponding to the increasingly diverse postures of vehicle occupants during autonomous driving, contributing to safer and more secure vehicle interior spaces.

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