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Totem GT electric, classic car style without the emissions.

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Totem Automobili launches the GT electric. Totem GT electric is the first "restomod" of the Italian start-up. Inspired by the glorious Alfa Giulia GTA, which is reborn with an electric motor, state-of art technology and new shapes.

Totem Automobili, is an Venetian based, Italian start-up in the "restomod" car segment, to our joy they have announced the launch of its first handcrafted luxury vehicle: the Totem GT electric. It has a stunning yet sensual design, electric heart and sporty soul, the new GT electric is an handcrafted timeless restoration of the glorious Alfa Romeo Giulia GT 1600/1750 of the 60’s.

The GT electric has been projected by Riccardo Quaggio, an Italian automotive designer, who is also the founder of Totem Automobili, he conceived with a redesigned silhouette in carbon fibre, an electric motor and the vehicle if simply full of state-of-art technology. The concept took three years of intense team effort, craftsmanship, engineering development and tests to bring the iconic car to a level never experienced before to provide classic car lovers the best Italian vintage car thought for the future.

Extraordinary performance is the result of a substantial restoration, only 10% of the original chassis were maintained and then coupled to new aluminium suspensions exceptionally produced for the car. Totem evoked the competitive fame of the Giulia GT making it 180mm wider. The classic fuel engine was substituted by an electric motor, able to grant an unparalleled power, a longer duration and a green vision.

The external panels have been stripped and unmounted and the frame was finely tuned and stiffened by hand to grant the significant power increase from the original 192bhp to 518bhp. • A reinforcement with roll-cage adherent to the external body was studied to add stability and resistance to the new powertrain.

Mid rear motor, located along the drive axles, with McFly technology, by Totem's partner "2electron", it allows the vehicle to generate realistic and potentially endless performance, sound and vibration packages; the sensations of endothermic motors are perceived in a completely new and always different driving experience, customised to the customer's wishes.

This is the first world electric car with “tailor made” engine, totally customizable: power band, engine torque, gear ratios, vibration and sound releases by 13 special external speakers, all Italian handmade.

The meticulous study of the exterior and interior design have been executed to dramatically intensify the driving experience and stimulate five senses. The GT electric owner may create a bespoke version and the website allows to simulate a tailor made Grand Tourer. GT electric exterior is characterized by a curvy shape inspired by the charm of the original silhouette, sophisticated details recalling the superb past of the legendary car and innovative features.

The grand tourer comes standard with an antitheft system and electrically controlled windows, new 400v heating, air-conditioning system and keyless ignition. A modern car infotainment designed in vintage style provides an exceptional audio system uniquely created for GT electric by Audio Development to experience the highest audio quality possible.

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