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Swiss Hypercar mixing stunning performance and sustainable technology

Morand Cars. is a Swiss-based manufacturer developing a fully electric hypercar and a hybrid version, the cars are due for production in 2023. Morand has selected Bcomp's natural fibre technology, which they believe is an ideal solution for the track-focused hypercar. Natural fibre composites will be used for the external bodywork of the Morand Hypercar and throughout the interior.

"We are excited to be part of the first Swiss hypercar and work with such leading profiles from the motorsport world," says Per Mårtensson, Bcomp CSO. He continues "The Morand vision to create a sustainable, Swiss hypercar using the latest technologies is very much aligned with both macro trends and our beliefs at Bcomp – that sustainability is an integral part of the performance."

"As we develop the Morand Hypercar, we are enjoying the opportunity to work with Swiss companies at the top of their field. Bcomp is a true leader not just in their field but as a trailblazer bringing sustainable solutions to high-performance applications," says Eric Boullier, co-founder Morand Cars. "We have a shared outlook and goal to lead the way in sustainable performance."

As the government's around the world push to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, the industry is experiencing the most significant shift in technology in the industry's history. The powertrain, however, is only one piece of the puzzle. While the appetite for high-performance vehicles has not reduced, we see sustainability becoming an increasingly important aspect for customers. Discerning customers are now looking to see how brands are building sustainability into the entire vehicle ecosystem, including materials used in the car.

Bcomp says natural fibre composites can match traditional carbon fibre performance while offering a 75% reduction in CO2 footprint and won't end up in landfills as carbon fibre composites often do. Bcomp recently finished a project with YCOM to manufacture and test a motorsport crash-box structure using natural fibre composites; the project demonstrated that adopting sustainable alternatives did not compromise the vehicle safety, even for structural applications, meaning exciting possibilities for the future.

In a recent collaboration with a Formula One team to develop the sport's first natural fibre composite racing seat demonstrated even in the most competitive environments, sustainability and enlightened thinking have a place – Bcomp says an ethos at the heart of Morand's Hypercar programme. With more than 2000 bhp and a top speed of over 400 km/h the Morand Hypercar will offer stunning performance alongside its sustainable credentials.

Hypercars have long been the embodiment of extreme engineering, ruthlessly pursuing performance searching for ultimate lap times, power output and acceleration figures. What we see now is a shift to bring the Hypercar into the 21st Century, delivering all of the performance, passion and driver engagement while embracing cutting-edge technology for customers who understand our vital role as stewards of the planet.

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