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Sony Commences VISION-S Public Road Testing

Sony Corporation announced that during December of 2020 it had completed its VISION-S prototype vehicle. The car has been under development with the main purpose of contributing exceptional value to the evolution of mobility. The car has public road tests in Europe registered in Graz Austria.

Sony looks to continue further develop the vehicle, with additional plans to conduct driving tests in other regions as well going forward.

The vehicle features Software-Defined E/E Architecture.

SONY has Adopted next-generation architecture, the E/E system is designed to support constant monitoring and over-the-air (OTA) system updates through connectivity that is enabled by the 5G network therefore the vehicle system enables repeated evolution, being optimized through continual updates through collaboration and reintegration.

Other highlights of the development include OVAL sensing. Sony Say

"Sensing for Safety, Security and ComfortSony's "Safety Cocoon" concept addresses safety and security--which will be critical for enabling the advancement of autonomous driving in the near future. With sensing technology that surpasses human vision, the system provides a 360-degree view of the vehicle's surroundings, while at the same time carefully monitoring the condition of the driver and other conditions inside the vehicle. Furthermore, by feeding back the sensed information in real-time to the driver, it provides a sense of safety and comfortable mobility experience."

Sony released a detailed graphic demonstrating the OVAL sensing capability and function.

An added benefit of the sensors surrounding the vehicle enables 360-degree monitoring of traffic, meaning their system provides high-accuracy Level 2+ driver assistance with adaptive cruise control, self-parking, and automatic lane changing. Through software updates, Sony aims to develop the system into a Level 4-equivalent self-driving system.

Within the vehicle inside the passenger cabin, ToF camera sensors monitor the condition of the vehicle occupants. Facial expressions and gestures could be used to determine the driver's level of concentration and fatigue, and alerts are issued when the system deems necessary. furthermore, they hope AI will allow for a lip-reading system, which Sony is actively engaged in deeper research and development in conjunction with the driver monitoring camera, reliably captures the driver's speech intentions even in noisy situations, reflecting them into the content display and navigation system operation. In addition to safety and comfort, the system also aims to adjust the temperature inside the vehicle by inferring the condition of the occupants based on behavior read from the ToF sensor.

Sony released a video

"Towards mobility evolution, VISION-S has reached the next stage. Public road testing commenced in Austria with Sony and partners to evaluate safety and Sony technologies. See more about Sony’s "VISION-S".

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