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Scania signs partnership with artificial intelligence center AI Sweden

Scania hopes to contribute to and benefit from collaborating with other partners practising advanced AI technology by joining AI Sweden. For Scania, artificial intelligence is essential and valuable in many ways – for example, in developing autonomous vehicles and in data-driven maintenance planning, both for customers and in production environments.

“Working to spread insights, build and share experiences in groups such as AI Sweden is valuable and stimulating for Scania and our employees,” says Mikael Cato, Chief Digital Officer at Scania.

AI Sweden offers valuable assets, such as the ‘Data Factory’ for testing, sharing and exploring new ideas and ways of working. It supplies a ready-to-use test environment, with time-saving data sets and models, paired with competent support, for performing all kinds of complex AI tests. It is comparable to a high-class gym, with advanced equipment and skilled PTs ready to assist.

AI Sweden is also dependent on good partners, and Daniel Gillblad, Co-Director for Scientific Vision at AI Sweden, welcomes Scania to the group.

“We are excited to join AI Sweden.”

“As many organisations share the same challenges, collaboration around AI platforms, operations of AI systems, and processes for building data-driven systems should be encouraged,” says Gillblad. “We know Scania as a visionary and resourceful player in the automotive industry, a sector in the forefront of data collection, which can be useful also in other sectors. For example, our partner, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, was inspired by the AI technology behind how autonomous vehicles monitor their surroundings and has applied it to analyse seabird behaviour in the Baltic Sea.”

“We at Scania are excited to join AI Sweden, and we see lots of possibilities. Initially, we are particularly interested in taking a closer look at the EdgeLab in the Data Factory,” says Ulrik Janusson, Technology Leader for Connectivity at Scania.

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