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Crash Testing Two Rimac Hypercars in Two Days.

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

An 800 strong team based in Sveta Nedelja, Croatia have been busy developing a hypercar, making the Rimac CTwo a production reality. Ahead of the planned 2021 start of production, the C_Two is undergoing an intense testing program, a part of which is also crash-testing multiple prototypes. In the second round of crash testing, including the highly demanding 56km/h 40% offset deformable barrier impact test, the C_Two prototype has proved to be extremely safe. There was no damage to the monocoque, meaning there was next-to-no deforming of the cabin, intrusion of the pedals or excessive forces exerted onto the driver and passenger. The crash testing program initially started in 2019, following years of virtual vehicle simulation, first on material and component level. An initial series of physical crash tests on a full vehicle level was also completed last year – each element of the car had been designed by the team in Croatia to maximize the amount of energy absorbed by the crash structure and not by the cabin or carbon tub. This latest full-vehicle physical testing – necessary to finalize the behavior of the carbon composite during an impact – is a confirmation of the virtual modeling. In total, eleven prototypes will be destroyed during crash testing – to complete the worldwide homologation and testing process, allowing the final production car to be sold in every single market around the globe.

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