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Requests of Testing and Development Training Dramatically Increase from Mexican OEMs & Tier 1s

Updated: May 9

As Testing and Automotive Product Development increase, so does the urgent requirement for extensive training of its engineers. Many major Automotive players in the country are broadening their product development projects in Mexico. In the last few months, there has been an increased trend in requests for quotations to testing and simulation suppliers from OEMs and leading Tier 1 suppliers, but also RFQs for in-house training and workshops.

For many years there has been a continuing false perception that Mexico is merely a mega manufacturing hub with little in the way of product development work. This contradicts the testing and development at the ground level and the RFQs appearing for new areas of testing appearing on project agendas for the end of 2023 and beyond.

Requests of Testing and Development Training Dramatically Increase from Mexican OEMs & Tier 1s

Its not only the automotive industry that has transformed into an advanced engineering cluster. Several Global tech companies consider Mexico an advanced technology development hub, especially as demand for technical talent grows due to the accelerated technical workforce expansion through the country's leading technical universities. In fact, for over 10 years, technology giants in Mexico like IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Intel have been employing and training the nation's talent. Moreover, the investments have led to partnerships with leading US-based universities.

To meet the newly increased demand for technical support, testing, and product development tools, a training and seminar producer founded partially in Mexico, Pro-Expo, plans to organise an expo, training and conference in the nation's capital, aptly called AutoTeK.

The AutoTeK event plans to showcase leading testing suppliers, simulation suppliers, and other product development tools and components. In addition, some of the event sponsors will be providing taster training courses, allowing professionals from OEMs and Tier 1s to have a sample of the training offered. Already announced will be automotive ethernet training, high-speed training, data logging training, and seminars in best crash test practice. In addition, keynote sessions will provide insights into zonal architecture, digital image correlation, digital twin development, ADAS, and e-mobility. The organisers say there will be plenty more announced in the coming months ahead of the main event in the heart of Mexico City at the Hilton Reforma on 27 - 28th of November.

According to the event website several international players in the area of vehicle development will be represented at the event including imc, Rohde & Schwarz, Dewesoft, Phantom, LA Vision, Weiss Technik, Intrepid Control Systems, Espec, Chroma System Solutions, along with regional players such as EuroAmerica in Motion, and Slam Corporation.

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