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Rayence Launches 3D Inline AXI Detector, MIDAS 2121

Korean manufacturer Rayence has launched a high-speed, real-time 3D detector, ‘Rayence MIDAS 2121’.

The detector is designed to be optimal for 3D Inline Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI) systems built to inspect secondary cells used in electric vehicles. Rayence has started to supply this detector to battery cell inspection system manufacturers immediately since it was eventually verified and passed the strict field evaluation tests in 2019.

Industrial x-ray inspection systems use x-ray to detect both internal and external defects in semiconductors, dual semiconductors and other electrical components. 3D Inline AXI (Inline Automated X-ray Inspection: Automated x-ray inspection systems, hereafter referred to as 3D Inline AXI) systems inspect these micro-components in 3D without disrupting the manufacturing process (“in-line”). Detecting defects such as morphed battery plate dividers, cracks, and debris prevents hazards such as battery fires. Fueled by the unprecedented growth of the battery cell market, the 3D Inline AXI market is also growing rapidly.

Rayence’s MIDAS 2121 is the world’s first 3D Inline AXI detector for secondary cell inspection. The detector plays a key role in the acquisition of images for x-ray inspection. When compared to current detectors, MIDAS 2121 doubles work efficiency as it is built for large-scale operations. Its key features include image lag-free and fast acquisition rates. Other specifications include High resolution (90 ㎛: micrometre pixels) and Ultra-fast 30fps (30 frames per second).

MIDAS 2121 also incorporates ‘Super LSI Technology’, which embeds the ADC (Analog-Digital Converter) on the wafer itself, minimizing noise generated while processing analogue signals. This technology was presented at the ‘International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) 2020’ in February.

Rayence aims to strengthen its product portfolio to suit the diversifying AXI market. It predicts continuing growth through increasing contracts with AXI (Automated X-ray Inspection) manufacturers following the growth of the EV battery market.

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