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Production of Boeing T-7A Weapons Systems Trainers - 8K Simulators are as “real-as-it-gets”

BOEING has commenced production of its eagerly awaited T-7A Red Hawk’s ground-based training system (GBTS) for USAF. The teams are assembling the first two units along with an operational flight trainer at the St. Louis facility. The start of the art simulators, are an important foundation for pilot training and key to the Air Force’s readiness, the units can digitally connect to actual T-7A aircraft and enable live virtual constructive and embedded training scenarios.

“The Red Hawk’s training system is arguably the most advanced in the world. It’s a game changer,” said Chuck Dabundo, vice president of Boeing T-7 Programs. “This system is 100% integrated with the pilot’s real-world experience, offering ‘real-as-it-gets’ simulation. We’re working closely with the U.S. Air Force and look forward to testing and fielding the devices.”

The advanced training simulators are fully equipped with high-fidelity crew stations that include dynamic motion seats and the Boeing Constant Resolution Visual System’s 8K native projectors, which offer 16 times the clarity of traditional full HD video.

“This is now the most accurate, immersive experience that any pilot can have outside the aircraft,” said Sherri Koehnemann, T-7A Training & Sustainment director at Boeing Global Services. “We’ve integrated the training across the board, including ‘one push’ software updates. What a pilot sees in the classroom, on his or her desktop training devices, and in the operational and weapon systems trainers will be what they see in the jet. Future pilots can expect more holistic, immersive training.”

The simulator's were built on an open systems architecture of hardware and digital software allowing the system to be further developed depending on the USAF evolving needs. Delivery is expected to the Air Force in 2023.

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