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NI Completes Acquisition of Heinzinger GmbH's Electric Vehicle Systems Business

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

NI, a leading developer of software-connected automated test and measurement systems, today announced the acquisition of the Electric Vehicle (EV) Systems business of Rosenheim, Germany-based Heinzinger GmbH, a European leader in high-current and high-voltage power systems.

By acquiring Heinzinger's EV Systems business, the expansion of NI's power electronics capabilities allows automotive engineers to quickly integrate Heinzinger's power electronics equipment into their battery cells and labs. As automakers work to ramp up new electric powertrain technologies and faster product development cycles, these capabilities - coupled with NI's software-connected approach - will be critical in rapidly scaling production while driving down costs and ensuring performance and safety.

The automotive market's move from combustion to electric vehicles has created new challenges for automakers and OEMs. Global supply chain issues and aggressive delivery targets make the transition to EVs more difficult and costly. At the same time, consumer safety concerns have placed increased emphasis on tests to ensure these batteries' performance throughout their lifetime.

"The EV revolution has provided significant opportunities for the automotive industry to address global climate issues, but enabling this all-electric future also requires a new engineering infrastructure for the market," said Drita Roggenbuck, senior vice president and general manager of the Transportation business at NI. "The expansion of NI's electrification capabilities through the investment in Heinzinger furthers the transformation of test from a bottleneck in the production process to a key enabler in accelerating innovation and deployment of this critical technology."

"As we look to help our global customers solve some of the most challenging problems in the EV industry, NI welcomes the addition of the talented Heinzinger EV team," said Noah Reding, vice president and general manager of NI's Transportation Validation business. "Heinzinger's deep domain expertise, strong industry reputation, and well-established European presence will play a critical role in expanding NI's offerings to our customers."

This news follows the recent announcement of NI's acquisition of NH Research, a leader in high-power test and measurement applications. The investments further expand NI's portfolio of electrification, battery test and sustainable energy capabilities. By providing critical power level test systems, NI will enable automotive engineers to test for safety, performance, and durability requirements and emulate real-world in-use scenarios in various environmental conditions, even when a physical battery prototype is not available.

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