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New, Scalable NVH Simulator 2021.0 launched by VI-grade

VI-grade has announced the release of NVH Simulator 2021.0, the latest release of its NVH Simulator software.

This release incorporates significant new features and capabilities and completely revises the pricing model and product structure to enable more comfortable technology use and accessibility. The NVH Simulator solutions were recently incorporated into the VI-grade portfolio of automotive simulations solutions. Together with the rest of the VI-grade simulation solutions for ride and handling, ADAS and HMI applications, these NVH simulation solutions provide automotive product development professionals with the tools they need to accelerate product development across a wide range of automotive applications and from a single source.

VI-grade has continued to refine its NVH Simulator solutions over time, resulting in significant improvements in automotive product development efficiency. The importance and relevance of these solutions have been widely recognized by the automotive industry, given the mainstream usage and adoption of VI-grade’s solutions industry-wide.

With the widespread adoption of VI-grade’s NVH Simulator solutions, the company says they have revised the product structure, licensing, and pricing to make the NVH Simulator software more easily accessible scalable and overall more useful in the product development and innovation process.

“Many leading automakers and suppliers depend on the NVH Simulator to bring their sound and vibration data to life, to experience, understand, communicate and make decisions on NVH issues faster than ever before possible. Now more than ever, automotive engineers and designers rely on virtual prototypes, including NVH virtual prototypes, to accelerate the design process and make critical design decisions,” says Dave Bogema, Director of NVH Solutions at VI-grade. “The NVH Simulator technology has been provided through Brüel & Kjær for 15 years and has enjoyed the benefits of being developed under the auspices of Brüel & Kjær, who have a long tradition of excellence in sound and vibration innovation exceeding 75 years. With over 50 DESKTOP NVH Simulators and full-vehicle STATIC NVH Simulators installed and in use worldwide, the NVH simulator solutions have become mainstream solutions for accelerating product development. With this release, we not only wanted to provide the usual abundance of new and expanded functionality but also make the solutions more scalable and bring them within reach of everyone who can benefit from the NVH Simulator technology.”

VI-Grade says its NVH Simulator solutions enable a highly accurate experience of sound and vibration data. They comprise a comprehensive set of solutions, including; desktop NVH simulators, full-vehicle static NVH simulators, in-vehicle/on-road simulators, exterior sound simulators, and sound solutions, which providing accurate sound in concert with any driving simulator.

NVH Simulator solutions are used by automotive engineers and designers worldwide to set and achieve targets, assess design options, conduct benchmark comparisons, design the sound of EVs and IC-engine vehicles, and communicate sound and vibration concepts and issues to decision-makers.

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