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New J.A. King Test Facility, opened in Querétaro, Mexico

J.A. King, a precision measurement and testing company with offices spread across the Southeast and Midwest United States, has announced they are opening their first location in Mexico. The new lab, located in the El Marqués municipality of Querétaro, Mexico, will initially focus on testing services.

“We are very excited to offer our testing services here in Mexico. This will enable our existing customers to save on logistics expenses while still receiving the great customer service they have come to expect from our US operations. It also opens up new manufacturing and product development markets that can utilize our services to increase their product quality and ensure the safety and reliability of their products. We chose Queretaro because of the central location and the robust manufacturing market in the area,” said Lisa Messenger, J.A. King Testing Division Manager.

The facility will offer airbag testing, temperature, and humidity testing, icing/deicing, condensing humidity, tensile testing, photogrammetry, colour analysis, robotic-assisted life cycle, and custom reliability/durability testing services.

J.A. King offers other services such as, vibration analysis, sun simulation, flammability, odour testing, and salt spray analysis. All the additional services will be available to the Mexican market via interoffice exchange with their US operations.

J.A. King is best known for its calibration services, with over 80 years in the precision measurement industry. While they will not be initially offering these services in Mexico, they plan to add calibration services starting with torque tool calibration and repair services in mid-2021. About J.A. King J.A. King are a precision measurement and testing company with over 80 years in the industry.

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