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MESSRING Establishes A Subsidiary in the USA

MESSRING GmbH, the German experts for passive and active safety testing equipment, systems, and facilities, has announced the establishment of MESSRING, Inc. to strengthen its foothold in North America. As a wholly owned subsidiary headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, all activities in the United States and Canada will be coordinated and supported from the new location. The company's presence is intended to both locally serve its existing customers while attracting new customers.

MESSRING Inc. has appointed Gerald Goupil as its Chief Executive Officer to facilitate this effort. Mr Goupil is an experienced professional with decades of experience in the automotive business and product development, in addition to passive crash test facility design and operations management. This new subsidiary will enhance MESSRING's agility and focus on supporting automotive manufacturers, first-tier suppliers, crash test facility operators, and research institutions. Support includes test equipment, system and facility design, fabrication, installation, maintenance, and upgrades. Furthermore, it intends to develop custom solutions for the rapidly expanding electric vehicle market, establishing a U.S. warehouse for immediate order fulfilment. It has the potential to offer service, technical training, and manufacturing within this region.

"For many years, we have successfully completed numerous projects for our North American customer base and wish to continue to grow our business there. To do this we feel that a dedicated subsidiary with its sole focus on this region is the best solution," says Dierk Arp, Managing Director, MESSRING GmbH. He further added, "With the acquisition of Gerald Goupil, we have gained an individual with industry connections and hands-on, practical experience who is well equipped to assist customers in their quest for additional capacity, capabilities, and efficiency improvements through the implementation of practical and cost-effective solutions."

Gerald Goupil then commented, "I am thrilled to take on this new challenge and responsibility as CEO of MESSRING Inc." He went on to add, "MESSRING has an impressive and talented team of experts, an established global customer base, a strong brand, and an enviable reputation as a leader in providing the highest quality and most dependable passive and active safety testing equipment, systems and facilities around the world."

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