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Mechanical Simulation Releases CarSim, TruckSim, and BikeSim 2020.1

Mechanical Simulation Corporation has announced the release of the 2021.0 versions of the vehicle simulation tools CarSim®, TruckSim®, BikeSim®, and SuspensionSim®.

The VehicleSim® software products, CarSim, TruckSim, and BikeSim, have long featured high-fidelity math models for vehicle dynamics that can simulate physical test results. The math models run fast enough to support real-time simulation with hardware in the loop (HiL) and can support very large optimization projects involving hundreds of thousands of simulations.

This release focuses on scenes and scenarios to improve ease of setup and testing. The user interface and math models have improved third-party software support.

The databases include a new proving ground environment with nine testing areas, including a five-mile circle track, a hill grade surface, an on-grade split-mu surface, a split-mu surface, a rough road section, a 1000m straight, a 500m skid pad, a handling course, and an urban multi-lane environment. It includes over 600 built-in paths sections that may be combined as needed, or users can create their own.

Due to the sheer number of testing scenarios and tasks, it is near on impossible that one simulation software provider can create a tool to perform all the testing necessary to bring a vehicle to market, so the release will continue to develop tight interfaces to third-party software from technology companies like Epic Games, NVIDIA, atlatec, Foretellix, monoDrive, Siemens, and CARLA, allowing users the ability to use some of the best development tools available today for things like photo realistic visualization, high-fidelity mapping, easy-to-use scenario setup, and sensor modeling which can be used with the state-of-the-art vehicle simulation environment.

The vehicle math models have also seen significant improvements, such as in the steering system calculations. VS Commands, and their internal end-user coding language, has been extended and reworked for improved parsing and performance. This rearchitecting gives users a better experience and a foundation for more user-definable features. The software has received more support for built-in controllers for multiple-vehicles simulations. Linux support for FMI/FMU gives users another testing and simulation option.

"CarSim, TruckSim and BikeSim users have the best software we have produced to date. This allows our users to get their vehicle to market faster than ever before," Dr. Michael Sayers, CEO and Chief Technology Officer.
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